Getting excited and making things

by the headmaster's brother

I intend that on the day when I have an actual craft room, this will be on the wall:

poster - get excited and make things

All the same, there are times when the desire to Make Things, Now seems a touch perverse; particularly, when it manifests itself as the desire to have made new and (therefore) exciting things, Now.  Immediacy is, after all, not really consistent with how making things works; certainly not the things best worth making.

Reason, confronted with a slight migraine and wild illogic, suggests that the desire to make things might reasonably be satisfied by having completed the TGV scarf of the past few days, having made a pot of soup and set bread to rise, and being almost-imminently about to complete a baby jumper.

Reason is met with something more than scepticism.

Reason, rather in a corner, represents that an inch of collar and some sewing up will take no more time than the knitting even of a chunky scarf, will result just as surely in having made something, and will furthermore put us one stage closer to the next ‘real’ knitting project.

Reason is over-ruled:

scarf on knitting needles

Reason, beseiged but not routed, also represents that persons who have just started scarves and who sew by hand might be wary of emulating decorative ideas involving difficult fabrics, even if they do happen to have some old bits of towel and pillow-case lying around unused.

Reason is over-ruled:

cut and tacked towelling and sheeting

As a friend of mine would lugubriously say, “It’ll all end in tears”.  Tears and a scarf, however.  The desire to make new and exciting things is appeased, for the time being.

Reading: The Crossing Places, by Elly Griffiths.  So far, so gently enjoyable.